Introducing Pathways

The Pathways Foundation (“Pathways”) strives to help children with dyslexia to bridge the learning gap, rekindle their interest in learning, and build self-confidence through professional and evidence-based intervention programmes.


Established in 2001, we are a registered charitable organisation in Hong Kong, currently operating two learning centres in Kowloon and Shatin. Our team consists of specialised subject teachers of Chinese, English, Mathematics and Early Literacy Support, as well as allied professionals including clinical psychologists, educational psychologists, occupational therapists and speech therapists. They collaborate to serve hundreds of students with dyslexia each year through individualised and continued after-school or in-school intervention programmes, along with professional assessment and therapy services.


In addition, we organise regular parent seminars and activities to share with the public current knowledge on reading difficulties, and insights into the teaching and learning of children with dyslexia.






Professional Services

Intensive Support to Students

After School Support Programmme

Support to Parents

Parent Workshops

Direct Intervention in Schools

In School Support Service


To bridge the learning gap of children with dyslexia in Hong Kong through a variety of interventions and education programmes.


Create a nurturing, effective and individualized learning environment

Provide dyslexia-specific and evidence-based intervention programmes

Build trusting and collaborative

Strengthen public
understanding of
dyslexia and promote
Pathways’ work

Partnership with the Community

General Public

Pathways strives to raise
community awareness and
understanding of dyslexia

Policy Makers and Educators

Close liaison with teachers,
schools, the authorities and other
related organizations for
intellectual exchange


Provision of more comprehensive support for schoolchildren involved

Core Values

Professional Excellence


Trust and Accountability

Passion and Commitment

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