Programme Introduction

Pathways “After School Support Programme” (ASSP) provides regular and continued after-school intervention for students with dyslexia, conducting in small group or one-to-one settings. Our teachers adopt a systematic and multi-sensory approach to help students learn to understand the characteristics of words and numbers. Teaching plans are made to suit the ability of each individual student, thereby helping them build self-confidence, motivation and mastery of learning techniques, while developing their literacy and numeracy competencies.


Since April 2011, Pathways has been receiving funding from the Hong Kong Community Chest in sponsorship of our ASSP in Pathways Foundation Learning Centre (Kowloon). We subsequently named the programme “Community Chest – After School Support Programme” in commemoration of the kind offer. Our heartfelt gratitude to the Chest for their generous support.





Programme Characteristics

  • Courses available for Chinese, English and Mathematics
  • Taught by qualified and experienced teachers
  • Specialized learning programmes based on each student’s individual needs
  • Each class has its own lesson plan and post-class review
  • Students can choose to attend individual class or group class
  • Students can choose face-to-face or real-time online class, or in a mixed mode
  • Number of students in each group class is capped at four to ensure proper care and support for each student
  • Provision of assistance in a full range of educational needs including literacy, numeracy, organizational skills, social skills and attentional development
  • Ongoing progress assessment
  • Written progress report at end of term
  • Well-equipped and comfortable learning environment

Chinese Support Programme

(content available in Chinese only)

  • 協助學生掌握漢字形、音、義的特點
  • 增加學生的識字量
  • 提升閱讀流暢度、閱讀理解、語文運用、寫作能力和學習技巧
  • 培養學生對學習中文的興趣




初小:學會閱讀 Learn to read

  • 辨識字形結構、基本筆劃及筆順
  • 認讀及書寫常用字詞
  • 朗讀及閱讀理解
  • 基礎語法及寫作




高小:閱讀學知識 Read to learn

  • 認讀及書寫常用字詞
  • 默寫訓練
  • 閱讀策略及閱讀理解訓練
  • 語法知識及寫作技巧訓練
  • 學習技巧訓練




  • 閱讀理解
  • 寫作策略
  • 聆聽精選文章、新聞報導和討論
  • 詩詞朗讀




  • 提升寫作能力
  • 訓練綜合能力
  • 改善閱讀理解
  • 增進口語溝通

English Support Programme

Primary 1 to Secondary 6 students with dyslexia

  • The programme provides structured literacy intervention support for students with dyslexia.


  • Based on an individualized approach, we assess a student’s skills and abilities, and then provide ongoing lessons to bridge the learning gap.


  • The programme is delivered in a structured, sequential and cumulative way, using direct and explicit instructions, and incorporating multi-sensory activities and engaging tasks.
  • Gain confidence in reading and spelling by acquiring grapheme-phoneme correspondence and sight word recognition.


  • Improve reading skill by using reading comprehension strategies.


  • Improve writing skill by understanding grammatical structure and increasing vocabulary size.


  • Improve oral skill by encouraging use of the English language and providing opportunities for listening and speaking.


  • Gain learning motivation and self-esteem by continuous reinforcement and self-regulated learning.

Mathematics Support Programme

(content available in Chinese only)

  • 本課程的目標是讓學生有效地理解和學習數學,並增強對學科的信心
  • 除了掌握計算方法和準確度外,更著重提升數感和數學概念的應用


小一至小三有讀寫 / 數學障礙的學生


  • 建立數感
  • 培養邏輯思維
  • 記數法和進、退位的掌握
  • 加減法的概念和生活涵義
  • 乘除法的概念和生活涵義
  • 度量單位概念
  • 圖形空間概念
  • 文字題的理解及解題策略


小四至小六有讀寫 / 數學障礙的學生


  • 增強數感
  • 培養邏輯思維
  • 四則運算策略和應用
  • 整數、分數、小數、百分率概念及關係與應用
  • 度量應用和相關運算
  • 圖形空間應用和處理
  • 數據處理及顯示
  • 方程概念和應用
  • 比例概念和運用
  • 應用題解難技巧


中一至中三有讀寫 / 數學障礙的學生


  • 正負數的四則運算
  • 解方程、代數式簡化和因式分解
  • 百分法的應用
  • 座標系統:以代數手法處理圖形
  • 三角比
  • 利用電腦輔助認識幾何原理


中四至中六有讀寫 / 數學障礙的學生


  • 二次方程、函數及其圖像、指數定律和對數定律
  • 進階三角學:正弦公式、餘弦公式及希羅公式
  • 直線方程、圓的方程
  • 圓的幾何
  • 等差數列及等比數列
  • 排列與組合、概率
  • 幾何原理

Enrolment & Fees

Complete the Application Form and return it by mail or fax to Pathways, or register in person at our centres.

* Please read Notice for Lessons and Bad Weather Arrangement before application.

Please refer to service fees for details


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