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Notice for Lessons

The After School Support Programme (ASSP) and Early Literacy Support Programme (ELSP) aim at providing a structured literacy intervention programme for students with dyslexia to bridge the learning gap, increase their learning motivation and build self-confidence. Regular and ongoing support is provided through small group or individual lessons.

  1. Parents are reminded not to change the class schedule once confirmed.
  2. Parents should notify Pathways when there are changes in personal particulars, e.g. correspondence address or telephone numbers.
  3. Unless otherwise notified, scheduled lessons will continue to be held on school holidays, but not on public holidays.
  4. Parents are required to provide 4-weeks’ notice in writing if you plan to withdraw your child(ren) from the programme.
  5. Parents have to take care of their child(ren) before and after the lessons.


Student applying for “After School Support Programme” must submit a diagnosis report of dyslexia. If the report only certifies that the student has early signs of dyslexia, Pathways may provide services to the student up to primary three. Parents need to submit a confirmed diagnostic report of dyslexia in order to continue the intervention programme thereafter.


Upon application for “After School Support Programme” or “Early Literacy Support Programme”, new student will be arranged to undertake subject assessment(s) by Pathways to understand his/her training needs. If the subject assessment reveals that Pathways’ programmes and services will not meet the needs of the student, intervention programme(s) may not be offered.

  1. Payments should be made before the due date specified on the invoice. Overdue payment would lead to cancellation of enrollment.
  2. Cheques should be made payable to “The Pathways Foundation Limited”.
  3. Parents will receive an official receipt from Pathways once a course fee is paid. Please keep the receipt until the end of school term as proof of payment.
  4. Families in financial need may apply for fee subsidy. Please check with Pathways for details.
  5. We accept the following ways of making payment:
    • By bank transfer (online banking or ATM). Please deposit fee to our HSBC bank account: 500-773692-001 (for Kowloon Centre) / 112-430954-001 (for Shatin Centre), and send us a copy of payment receipt.
    • By Faster Payment System (FPS). The FPS Identifier is 166-576-405 (for Kowloon Centre) / 166-339-507 (for Shatin Centre).
    • By crossed cheque.
    • By cash.
  6. Please refer to the following guidelines for making online payment:
    For Kowloon Centre: Demonstration of bill payment using online banking or FPS (Kowloon)
    For Shatin Centre: Demonstration of bill payment using online banking or FPS (Shatin)
  1. Student Leave or Sick Leave
  • If a student wishes to apply for leave due to school activities, examinations or personal reasons, or cannot join classes due to illness, parents are required to notify Pathways two weeks in advance / as soon as possible, and submit the Student Leave Application Form. (The form can be downloaded from the Pathways website or obtained from our staff.
  • In order for a student to receive continued remedial intervention, each student is given a maximum of 5 days of absence per subject due to school activities, personal reasons or sickness within each school term, and course fee will be deducted. If a student takes leave after using up the 5 days of absence quota, course fee for absent lessons has to be paid.
  • Parents are required to pay according to the amount shown on the invoice. If the fee for the lesson which student took leave is included in the invoice, Pathways will adjust the fee for that lesson in the following month’s invoice.
  • No make-up class will be arranged for classes which students take leave or sick leave.

2. Teacher Leave / Cancellation of Classes due to Bad Weather

  • If a lesson is cancelled due to teacher leave or bad weather (please refer to “Arrangement of Classes during Bad Weather”), Pathways will adjust the fee for that lesson in the following month’s invoice and will not arrange a make-up class.
  1. If requested, students may attend extra lessons. Such course fees are charged as below:
  • For regular lessons in individual mode, the extra lesson will be charged individual course fee.
  • For regular lessons in group mode:
    • If the extra lesson is in individual mode, the lesson will be charged individual course fee.
    • If the extra lesson is in group mode, the lesson fee will be charged group course fee.

2. Once the extra class has been confirmed by the parents and Pathways, no more changes or refund would be made.

In case of suspension of face-to-face lessons due to special reasons (such as under instructions from the Education Bureau), Pathways would provide online lessons. Such lessons are considered as regular lessons, so if parents choose not to have online lessons, students will be counted as being absent for those lessons and leave quota will be deducted. Once the 5 leave quota have been used up, parents will need to pay the lesson fees to keep their children’s places, or the student will need to wait for lessons all over again, while their places will be given to other waiting students.

Course Fee Refund Policies and Procedures

  1. Refund Policies:
  • In case of centre closure prior to the commencement of a course, Pathways will refund in full the course fee collected to students immediately.
  • If a course cannot be operated according to 1) the arrangements specified in the fee receipts, or 2) on the date or at the time specified in the course leaflet, and students decline the revised arrangements offered by Pathways, Pathways will refund in full or on a pro-rata basis the course fee collected to students as soon as possible and in any event not later than one month after the students have requested for the refund. (Please refer to the section “Arrangement of Classes during Bad Weather” for the arrangement of class suspension due to bad weather)
  • In case of cessation of a course after its commencement, Pathways will refund to students the course fee collected on a pro-rata basis as soon as possible and in any event not later than one month after the cessation of the course.


  1. Refund Procedures:
  • Pathways will inform students of the refund arrangement either over the telephone or in writing. For students aged below 18, their parents or guardians can proceed with the refund procedures on behalf of the students.
  • Pathways will refund students in accordance with the above policies.
  • When processing the refund, Pathways will not take away the original fee receipts. Upon receipt of the refund, students or parents should sign to acknowledge the receipt.
  • Pathways will pay the refund either in cash or by cheque.

Arrangement of Classes during Bad Weather

Typhoon Signal No. 8 or higher, or
Black Rainstorm Warning
Typhoon Signal No. 1 or 3, or Amber / Red Rainstorm Warning
In effect All scheduled lessons will be suspended and the centre will be closed Scheduled lessons will continue as usual
HKO cancels or lowers the signal or warning At or before 2:00 p.m. Scheduled lessons will resume 3 hours after the signal or warning has been cancelled
After 2:00 p.m. All scheduled lessons will be suspended and the centre will be closed

(E.g.: If the Typhoon Signal No. 8 is cancelled or lowered at 10:20 a.m., scheduled lessons after 1:20 p.m. will resume as usual.)


Real Time Online Lesson User Guidelines

Preparation of Software and Hardware

  1. Please install the latest version of the ZOOM software.
  2. Please check if the following hardwares are in good working condition:
    • Desktops with mouse, laptops or tablets
    • Video camera
    • Audio speaker and microphone; (optional) earphones with mic can enhance sound quality
    • (Optional) Printer might be needed for printing lesson materials
  3. Please ensure your device has stable internet connection.

Log in Procedures

  1. Pathways’ teachers will notify the parents (and students if applicable) the “Meeting ID” and “Password” through Whatsapp or email at least one day before the lesson. Do not share the information with others.
  2. Please refer to the Annex “Zoom Login Instructions”.
  3. On the date of the lesson, please login 5 minutes in advance. Press “Join Meeting” and stay in the “Waiting Room” for verification. Teachers will admit students into the online classroom according to the Chinese or English full names.

Lesson Guidelines

  1. Find a quiet place and wait for the lesson to start.
  2. Parents do not need to join the lesson, unless technical support is needed.
  3. Have stationery and lesson materials ready.
  4. Keep the video on; please note that students in the same group can also see each other.
  5. Do not open any unknown links or download from unknown sources.
  6. For privacy protection, photo, video and audio recordings are not allowed.
  7. Log out immediately after the lesson; and close the Zoom software and video camera.
  8. Follow regular classroom behaviour such as:
    • Dress properly
    • No eating and drinking
    • Be punctual and do not leave the lesson without teacher permission
    • Be polite and attentive, follow teacher’s instructions
    • Do not bring unrelated items to the lesson
  9. Please contact the learning centre in advance if student would like to take leave. See ASSP Parent Notice for details.

Words from Parents


“曉楠於博思會訓練已有兩年,在此兩年的成長中博思會中文老師的教學方式令他開心上課,願意學習中分享,加強了表達。英文課Ms Leong對曉楠很大的包容與耐性教導,真心謝謝您們。謝謝!”






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