Sharing from Mrs. Du:Cheering for her children with strong faith

Publish on 2022-03-03

Du Tsan Wai’s mother is just like any other mother, taking care of her two children every day. Perhaps it is her strong faith that differentiates her from the rest.


Tsan Wai is 8 years old, studying in Primary Three at the time of being interviewed. He always fails to memorize his books. Even though he studies the vocabulary every single day, he still fails in the end. As Tsan Wai was a “small baby” (editor’s note: a child born at the end of the year), his mother always thought that it was inevitable his grades would fall behind. By coincidence, the teachers at the tuition centre observed that he has dyslexia symptoms and introduced him to the Pathways Foundation, which confirmed his dyslexia diagnosis in Primary Two.


“I am still very grateful to this teacher for introducing me to Pathways which helps me to understand dyslexia and find a suitable learning method for Tsan Wai.”



Tsan Wai’s mother said that she had requested for help from the primary school he attended and asked the school to do an assessment on him in his Primary One. In the end, it was only until the beginning of the second semester in Primary Three that Tsan Wai’s mother finally got the follow-up from the school’s social worker.


“For me, the school’s support came too late. As I recalled that Tsan Wai often felt dizzy at school, it was due to the heavy pressure of studying. Fortunately, after he received help from the teachers at Pathways, his self-confidence improved dramatically and he became more cheerful as a result.”


Tsan Wai is currently receiving support in Mathematics and English at Pathways. He is particularly fond of mathematics.


“Sir Chan (maths teacher) will gradually explain the concepts to me, making it easy for me to understand. In particular for the mathematics questions. Even the day-school teachers would ask me why I know how to deconstruct difficult questions in the examination,” said Tsan Wai.


Seeing the progress of her son, his mother proved that it was the correct decision to help him with “early identification and support”. When I first learned that my son had this learning disability, I was at a loss, speechless because I did not have the right information.


Just as Tsan Wai’s mother initially asked the teachers from Pathways: Is there any medication or drug for dyslexia? In fact, dyslexia cannot be cured by medication. Some children with dyslexia are also suffering from the issue of lack of concentration. In this way, medication or drugs may help them become more focused. However, it is far from adequate to resolve the learning difficulties arising from dyslexia.


It is indeed worthy for parents to learn from the fact that his mother has never given up on her son. On the contrary, she has been constantly cheering for her son to keep him highly motivated to learn.


Tsan Wai’s mother was interviewed by Ming Pao


Source from 2020-21 Annual Report





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