Service Target

Preschool and primary school children aged 4 or above suspected of having dyslexia


  • Identify schoolchildren with a tendency to dyslexia by screening tests.
  • Based on the test results, provide suggestions on appropriate support services for schoolchildren and parents.


About 45 minutes


Please refer to Service Fees for details

Why do we need to conduct kindergarten & primary screening service?

It is a long time to wait for a dyslexia assessment at the government or school, the screening service provided by Pathways will help parents to understand their children’s literacy problems during the waiting period and provide early support.

After completing the screening test, why do we still need to undergo a comprehensive assessment?

Screening test results reflect the dyslexia tendency of schoolchildren, not the same as diagnosis. Parents who apply to the schools for learning support and services, proof of dyslexia diagnosis must still be submitted. Parents may consider discussing with teachers and social workers for receiving a comprehensive assessment at school, they can also let their child to receive assessment in private service agency. Our Clinical or Educational Psychology Support Service provide assessment and can be arranged within one month.

(in Chinese only)

If you are in need of our KPSS service, please call 2870 1377 for an appointment.


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